About Us

Farming Industry Total Solution Company, KYUNGNONG
Leading the high value-added smart farm with farmers

Since its foundation in 1957, KYUNGNONG has been a leader in Korean agricultural technology with its outstanding R&D and excellent product capability, contributing to the production of high quality agricultural products. KYUNGNONG completed construction of the first granule factory (in Korea), succeeded in synthesizing herbicide for the first time (in Korea), and launched the first freshness maintenance system in Korea.

Based on various agricultural technologies and expertise accumulated in the agricultural industry, we provides comprehensive total solutions for the farming industry such as seeds, fertilizers, irrigation, natural insects, eco-friendly products and freshness maintenance. We contributes to realization of convenient farming and improvement of farming household income.

In addition, as a representative company in the agricultural industry, we are taking the lead in making a warm rural community through various social contribution activities including the CHOBI-KYUNGNONG Scholarship foundation, the sisterhood relationship of one company and one village, farming hand-picking, and the rice-sharing campaign of love.

KYUNGNONG will continue to concentrate on developing more convenient technologies and better services for the high value-added farming and smart farming. Together with farmers, we will make sustainable agriculture in Korea with international competitiveness.