It is the footstep (from the beginning) to the present.

In the future, KYUNGNONG will develop into a leader in agricultural industry leading the improvement of international competitiveness of Korean agriculture.

2010 ~ 2019

APR. 2016Naju Future agricultural center open
JUL. 2015New CI proclamation and change
APR. 2014Gimje Future agricultural center open
NOV. 2013Selected as a certified company for rural society
MAR. 2011Awarded by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
NOV. 2010Awarded the Silver tower industrial medal
FEB. 2010Awarded the Prime minister prize

2000 ~ 2009

DEC. 2006Awarded the presidential prize Agricultural Reserch & Development JUL.
DEC. 2004Established the foundation of encouragement of learning
OCT. 2002Earned the ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 certification DEC.
DEC. 2001Earned the ISO 9001 certification OCT.

1990 ~ 1999

NOV. 1999KMA Management Center honors Kyung Nong with
            “The Valuable Award for its effort on management innovation.

NOV. 1999Awarded “The President Award” for it’s contribution to the development of national industrial in Korea Nov.
DEC. 19961996 Moved to the newly constructed Daegu factory(Sungsuh industrial complex)
JUN. 19922nd Daegu factory was constructed. Dec.

1980 ~ 1989

MAR. 1989Established Daegu research institute to control product quality.
DEC. 1987Designated as one of the best quality control firms by the government and awarded by the Ministry of
            Agriculture and Fisheries.

SEP. 1987Established Central research institute.
JAN. 1986Awarded Bronze industrial medal.
DEC. 1984Designated as one of the best quality control firms by the government and awarded by the Ministry of
            Agriculture and Fisheries.

NOV. 1984The head office moved to current location
NOV. 1982Changed the name of company into Kyung Nong Corporation
MAR. 1981Opened nationwide branch offices

1950 ~ 1970

JUN. 1977Offered shares for public subscription
SEP. 1972Succeeded in first producing herbicide for paddy field in Korea.
MAY. 1972Joined with Rohm and Haas of U.S.A The Korea. America Chemical company was established.
JUL. 1957Inaugurated with KyungBuk Agrochemical Corporation(Daegu)